Our passion

We partner with product owners and founders by developing cloud-native products

Cloud Services & DevOps

Jamakase Technologies specialists possess deep knowledge and extensive experience with cloud services. Shorten time to develop and launch new solutions, modernize legacy technology or test and deploy prototypes with IaaS-based applications on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Choosing the appropriate infrastructure for a digital project is just as important as development. That’s why we bend over backwards to offer scalable and secure solutions.

Serverless Application Development
Cloud Solution Architecture
Distributed Applications Implementation
Cloud Native Development
Application & Data Migration
Strategy Consulting

Software Development

Need webapp, custom backend system or API? Our team specializes both in Frontend and Backend development. We create webapps that are both beautiful and lightning-fast. We bring front-end, back-end and architecture ability together to deliver on your business need and maximize delivery speed.

Our Projects

We build software that boosts productivity for businesses and simplifies customers’ lives. Our products are carefully designed for the end user and brought to life with elegantly written code.
Thoughts and analysis of the crypto-currency market. IronChain Capital, a company focused on a singular and all-important mission: to provide all investors with easy and secure access to the cryptocurrency asset class, on a highly cost-effective and diversified basis.
Plizy is the media center in the cloud that allows users to search, organize, watch and share any movie, show or video that is available online. Plizy aggregates more than 550,000 movies, 200,000 shows and 100 million videos from the major video services, making it the most comprehensive database available on the market.
Analysis of the cryptocurrency market. MithrilX aggregates data from major digital asset exchanges to provide real-time insight into the evolution of the cryptocurrency.

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